Saturday, November 15, 2008

...Santa Claus is coming...

To town.

I did a bit of Christmas shopping today for my friends who are boarders. Since I will not be able to talk to them over the holidays. I also brought some decorations for the Christmas card I should be doing right now, but alas the world of blogs is far to enticing.

I remember when I was little how exciting it was to know Santa was coming. But alas Santa does not coming to children above 11. Well thats how it was for me, since he stopped coming when I was 11. I dearly to miss his Reindeers. But this year it will just be me and the ol Christmas Fairy on top of the tree.
I hope everyone has a sparkle filled day.


Erimentha said...

Beautiful blog as always.

Yes, I had a sparkle filled day and may I say I only stopped getting a "santa sack" this year? :P


Rosie Posie said...

Those pictures look so cute, I particulary like the one of the little girl!! So adorable :)

I have left a gift for you on my blog :) hope you like it!!


shilvia said...

i saw you on rosie's blog and coming by, iam psyched!!!you have a very lovely blog!!! and aaaw, is that santa cupcakes???