Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Cheers

Hello. Sorry for such a break, I will be back and proper by the 8th.

My, my, my haven't the holidays been splendid. I have recieved some of the most loveliest gifts. I will go into more detail once I'm back.

I just came on to say a quick, last day message. So here it is.

"I hope everyone has a magical, fairy- fun filled, laughter, smiles filled new year. I hope everyone's wishes come true & that everyone stays healthy."

Have a magical new year with family and friends.

Fairy dust wishes and smiles


1 comment:

in company with sparkles said...

Happy Happy new year fairy.
I hope the year is filled with...joyous life, love, and giving. Giving of ourselves is so fulfilling. I think it's our purpose; being outside our own selfishness.
May horizons be rosy and beautiful!!
love and hugs,