Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Lately I have been ever so positive, ever since that nostalgic babysitting. As we all know, well I hope you do, Sunday was Mother's Day. So I decided to give up some time to visit with my school's interect the nearest nursing home, and help out with their celebration. But did I ever get the biggest shock when I found out who was cutting the cake. A 105 year old, isn't that amazing, she must be so wise. There was also a another lady who was all dressed, jewellry, makeup the lot, it amazes me no matter how old we are, most of us still stay so vain. But a good vain of course, everyone needs a bit of glamour, no matter the age.


Rosie said...

cute post sweetest!!! 105??? my goodness!! i wish to live to be that old :)

im glad you had such a lovely day and are so positive!!


Evil Lizard said...

Love love love LOVE

awesome collection of images xD im inspired! ^________^

Erimentha said...

=) love it.