Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sorry for the big break, but I have been ever so busy. With school and our school's musical.
It is ever so much fun, all the dancing, singing and I even have a very small part. But one big bonus is if we stuff up, people will think it is apart of the show. Because it is a very silly one.

Winter has arrived, so have the coats. The Fairies, are wearing thick petals, and are often snoozing under the big leaves on the ground. Though I do think a couple of them may have made it to our heater. As it has been rather bad lately. The pixies are at work, collecting food and twigs for their fairies. It is ever so sweet.

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Lizard said...

I have been fine xD

It is summer here so lots of rain, thunderstorms, strawberries, watermelon and of course - summer jobs xD

Yes definitely take care and do not get sick! The flu has been going around!