Monday, September 28, 2009


Jump up high
set your hair free
Touch your toes
bend over backwards

Jump up high
Touch that sky
Splash through puddles
with your rainbow umbrella

Let your inner child go
&& let the bedsheets fly
Hear the squeaks and groans
the rittles and rattles

It's summertime
grab your bikini
run to the end
&& feel yourself FLY.



Rosie said...

This post has made me feel so happyyy!!!
I think on my way to uni today I will stop at the childrens part and play on the swings :)
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post!!

Lizard said...

AHhh today is just the day for jumping around! The weather is so beautiful!!! I think I am gonna photo some more today :D

Sweet_Tooth said...

love the first "splash" picture of the feet jumping...something about seems so gloriously irreverant. Wish I could be more like the people in these pictures when it comes to my future!

inspiring post :)

courtney jane said...

funny and very inspring = awesomeness:) hehe

Erimentha said...

wow! you're followers have got more and more...

love this post, beautiful pics ect.



Kiki said...

Love this post! Beautiful poem and pictures, as usual. You've inspired me to go jump on my parents bed.

xxx Kiki

♥ MissyMoo ♥ said...

Great photos!!
xx Mel