Thursday, September 10, 2009


I know this is going to sound odd, but the other day, as a photograhpy experience I went to a cemetry. At the cemetry I found the most beautiful poem.

A sudden chance she in a moment fell
She had not time to bid her friends farewell
Think not this strange death to happen unto all
This day was hers tomorrow you may fall.

Such a sad, pretty poem. It caught my eye immediately. Throughout the cemetry there was other things that did catch my eye, the little loveheart tombstones, and the older the years were the younger the deaths.

sorry for the sad posts, they will get cheery soon.
words and pictures by me.


Lizard said...

Ah graveyards are such wistful, spooky places! The photos look wonderful and the poems are so sad!

I dunno, there aren't that many old graves where I am from. Enchanting photos!

Erimentha said...

wow. such a inspiring post.

This day was hers tomorrow you may fall.