Saturday, October 10, 2009


This tag was inspired by Erimentha
Who recently had a post about life, the tag is to;

list 30 things you would like to do before you die. Then when you do one, you can cross of it list.You are then to tag one person to do this.

1. Buy a professional camera
2. Finish high school
3. Make it as a professional photographer
4. Finish one of my stories that I have started
5. Dye my hair dark brown
6. Have my dream wedding
7. Find my knight
4. buy a mobile
5. have 2 girls and 2 boys
6. Move to New Zealand
7. Make it through Uni
8. Dye my hair red
9. Make a new friend
10. Start running again
11. Find my dream summer dress
12. paint my finger and toe nails ever single colour of the rainbow
13. Learn how to make Creme Brulee
14. Not eat sweets for an entire month
15. Buy a car
16. Have an all-nighter
17. Watch the Blair Witch Project
18. Buy a scooter
19. Learn how to ride a scooter
20. See my blog through to it's 4th birthday
21. Go to a club
22. learn how to make lasagne
23. Sew myself a dress
24. Not whinge for entire month
25. Get an A in art
26. Pay attention all through SOSE
27. Remember my friends next birthdays
28. Move to Townsville
29. See Where the Wild things are
30. Finish this entire list.

I tag Erimentha

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