Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brave people.

Lately I just came across the most bravest people I have ever met, and who would of thought it would be my own friend of...eleven years! Recently she found out her Dad has cancer, and I'm honestly surprised on the way she's handled it. She is truly amazing as, I couldn't even handle my Aunty that well, let alone a parent. So brave. She admits she has cried sometimes, but most of the time she's cracking jokes, and is so strong. ispriring much.

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I'm not copying her, it is truly a coincedence, I had this post planned a couple of days ago, just never had the chance to post. =)


~Abby~ said...

She is very brave!
Award on my blog for you.
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Lizard said...

Oh dear =( I am sorry about your friend's father. Cancer is truly one of the worst afflictions in this world >< I am sorry I have not commented on your blog recently. I have been soooo busy with exams and school and now it is Spring Break (almost over though) and exams are starting again soon. I love the pictures of the beautiful boy! He is so lovely! and that valentines day quote is absolutely adorable! I hope you take more pictures! I love night skies + blurry images!

Dina said...

your brave friend!
I lost my dad to cancer so i know what she is going through :(
It's so nice that she has a great friend like you

Erimentha said...

what a beautiful friend you have!!!!! :)

so brave!!!!

thanks so much for posting <3