Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All things Pink Pretty

This post is dedicated to all things PINK.&.PRETTY. Becuase as we all know Monday was Breast Cancer day was on Monday.
Its also because I found this really good book called Think Pink by a lovely lady called Lisa.
Today my Marvelous Mother went to our nearby city and just happened to stop by a vintage store. & oh my the some of the things she got are just absolutely gorgeous.
Also I would like to thank all my followers. I'm so over the pink moon filled with bubbly pink joy.


ready, set, go! said...

Breast cancer awareness is such a worthwhile charity to promote and support! Those are such pretty pictures, I love pink. :)

Lisa Clark said...

Hey miss F!

Love your blogginz - just found it through your fab comment left on my quotes entry at - both of which I've now added to my collection - thank you!

Glad you discovered Think Pink too - would love to know what you think!!

Big hugs, have now subscribed to your blogginz - love your pink thinkin' 'tude!

L x