Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lost with the fairies.

Today I decided to start a list. I'm going to list all the things that make me happy, so I don't forget. So far I have collected 4 smiles.
1. Drawing fairies.
2. Dipping my fingers in candle wax.
3. The colours, pink,purple,yellow& silver
4. Looking up photoes bakery treats and sweets.

Wouldn't it be fun to be a fairy. To be able to fly all day and eat sweet treats and you didn't have to worry about the little things or the bad things. Most importantly all the glitter, I would love to be able to leave a trail of glitter every where I go. But alas it would be very strange for me to do it, if I was a human. It would be quite odd.

My friend had a halloween gathering where we went trick or treating to one house because where we live it isn't really accepted. But alas we dressed, my friends as a pumpkin and me as a fairy. (I should of left my glitter trail then.) It was a wonderful night. Filled with sweets and maybe one to many mouthfuls of nachoes.

Today has been interesting I did a picture of a fairy, lit a candle and dipped my fingers in it & surrounded myself with the colours, pink,purple, yellow. I also wrote a song, yet Im still to find a title.

I also looked up some bakery sweets and treats. For some odd reason I prefer looking at these delights then actually eating them. But then again I'm and odd person who wants to be a fairy.

My favourite bakery delights.
Caramel Tarts.
Chocolate Eclairs.
Vanilla Slice.
Fairy cakes.
Strawberry tarts.
Custard tarts.
Key Lime Pie.
Oh my the list is bottomless.

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Erimentha said...

you already leave glitter everywhere you go.

edi (from gf, otherwise known as lots of other weird names)