Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have finally found a beginning for my story. It came to me during P.E. class so I started writing it down in my book. Heres a little preview.

A soft breeze came and hit me in between my shoulders. I immediately knew it was Amelie. Ever since we were little she had always hit me with this soft breezes when ever she was close. It was her way of litting me know she was there. It always puzzled me how she could do it. I mean no one I know could blow a breeze from five metres away. I don't even think she knew how she could do it. Well if she did she had never let on. As always Amelie looked like she was floating on air. "Do you want some tea and biscuits" I asked. "Oh are you having one of your one person only tea parties again?"

For this blog I decided to list people that inspire me.

1.The Tea Drinking English Rose. .:her blog:.
2. Peaches Geldoff .:her gorgeous fashion sense:.
3. Jacqueline Wilson .:I hope to be good as a writer as she is:.
4. America Ferrara .:body image:.
5. My marvelous. mum .:everything she does:.
6. my fabulous wonderful friends. .:they keep me going through the hard times:.
7. Nikki Goldstein. .:girlforce:.


the tea drinking english rose said...

oh my goodness! what a beauty you are!
that just made my heart skip reading that, honestly!!! bless you!

awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... i'm speechless, literally! :) :) :)
thank you! ! ! !

hrose said...

wow, bonne courage with your writing! i know how exhilarating and yet frustrating the beginning of a story can be. yours sounds lovely!

i myself am writing one at the moment about first love and clouds.. it's turning out interesting to say the least.

i love peaches geldof too, i think she's a bit silly as a person, but her clothes are beautiful. i actually started this fansite a while ago, it's inactive at the moment because i just don't have the time and effort to keep it up, and also because i have lost interest in her ever since the whole marriage/drugs thing.

anyway, hope you have a great weekend!