Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sparkle and Shine.

I had lunch in the garden today. It was lovely soaking up all the rays from the sun. It mad me feel sleepy and warm. I decorated my “little book of forgetfulness” (a book for passwords, addresses, birthday etc.) today. It made my hands all sparkly

Glitter. Sequins. Silk. My hair. Stars. People smiling. Silver. Gold. Jewelry. Medals. Our chandelier. Gold and silver thread. Glitter pens. My gorgeous quirky hat. Lights at night. Glass. Mirrors.Money. sparkly hand. chandelier. my gorgeous quirky hat.

I now have a new baby sitting job. Its 6oo-7oo in the mornings, four days a week, except Sundays. They are either 83o or something close to there. I earn seven dollars fifty and hour. So that’s thirty dollars a week! It may not be much but in my eyes it HEAPS.

I did my paintings for my room. They didn’t turn out like I hoped. They look rather horrible. But I'm going to white them out & try again. I know properly what I want to do this time.

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LookingGlassGirl said...

These pictures are so lovely. Your blog also seems cool.