Monday, October 6, 2008

letters from far away & garden parties.

I got a letter from my friend across the ocean. She asked for a picture of me. I told her I would post it on here. But then decided that was a little risky. So I'm going to put on bebo.

I want to have a garden party. With scones served with raspberry jam & cream & bottom less cups of tea & caramel tarts. oh the list goes on.

caramel tart. scones. cupcakes and tea cups.

To this garden party of mine I would wear this dress.

I seriously want this dress & with this dress I will wear my silver bracelets that I got for my brithday & my love heart necklace (post picture tomorrow). I would also wear my gorgeous silver sandals. Oh can a girl dream.

one last thing. Whats you favourite dessert? Mine is lemon & lime meringue pie. mmmm


Demi said...

yeaah, thats definitely the best way!
yes of course, i'll link you now :)

hrose said...

oh scones! I love scones! you've made me all hungry now. :] and that dress is gorgeous.

hrose said...

link swap done! i'm thinking of doing a post on high tea soon, it is my favourite meal of the day... and seeing your little cake stands and scones has inspired me. !!!

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh how i's love to have garden parties... every teatime. unfortunately it's too cold right now, so i'm having garden parties indoors.

i love all cakes! perhaps cheesecake.

thank you for such a lovely comment, i'm honored! :)!

Emily Rose~Loves Cheerios said...

That Carmel tart looks gorgeous, actually they all do!
Scrummy heaven...