Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend wishes & Pink Icing.

This week I must admit has been my most fabulous. But today was rather nice, I even treated myself to a lovely bun topped with pink icing.

Though I am now making a gorgeous dress in sewing. I can't wait to get started since we had to take school photos just as I had found the pattern I wanted. Its going to be made with red & white polka dot material.
The material is like those shoes above. I also found the bracelet looking for a picture of the material. I wish I hadn't because I really want it. Isn't it adorable.
This week at school we have had a guest from a university checking out our music program. So today at vocal group practice he came & helped us learn this song with four parts. I was picked to sing with the soprano group. I don't know why because I'm usually an alto. I must say though it was quite a lovely song.
The weekend is going to be quite dull. Mainly cleaning my room. Doing an oral. & visiting the library. Oh the joys. But maybe I'll be able to take some beautiful pictures. Oh just remembered I'm redoing my paintings. Oh I can't wait. Though I would really like to go to the Ally store in Townsville. Maybe another time. I have a dull & busy weekend to get too.

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