Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Never forget promises.

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting. It means a lot to me.
Also if you would like to link that would really mean a lot too.

These are the bracelets I was talking about to go with my dress. I love them to bits, I got them for my birthday this year.

The other night we had a dinner party for my cousins and aunty who were up from Brisbane. So I decided to take photos of the pretty fairy lights we had turned on.

I remember when I was eight I was obsessed with fairies. I would write notes to them and everything. I would also get replies too from them. It was later down the track that I realised it was actually my mum writing the letters. But at the time that I was obsessed it would of never occured to me.
How is it when we are young that everything seems so innocent in a way. Yet the slightest things can spook us. But then only a small thing like having a teddy there can fix everything. I wish I was little again.

I need my teddy. I have some problems that need fixing.

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