Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello my name is...

Im back. Oh what joys, it almost looked like dark clouds for awhile there, but alas the sun came out & filled my world with its glittery pink rays, (in my world the sun is pink). It has been raining here & it is so nice to hear the soft pitter patter on our tin roof. Its almost like little fairy feet are walking along our roof.
I wonder where they are going, maybe they are going to a rain dance party and they are in charge of the fairy cakes. Mmmmmm fairy cakes, the best kind of cakes. They are soft and fluffy with pink, lilac and every other fairy colour icing topped with sprinkles of lovely tens and thousands and little flowers. They are ever so sweet but ever so good for you. Since fairies need to be slight, delicate creatures so they can still fly. So they are for ever coming up with ways to make even the baddest food evers so good for you.
Wouldn't it be an absolute joy to be a fairy, you get to live in roses and flowers. Fly around all day, eating cupcakes, tarts and other sweet treats. Also you get to leave a glitter trail behind where ever you go.
I hope everyone has a glitter, fabulous filled day.


Rosie Posie said...

What a lovely, sweet post :) It would be wonderful if the sun was pink, and I was a fairy, and trailed glitter where ever I go, and the rain sparkled like glitter too, and tasted of sugery sweet things :) You have got me dreaming away now, thank you :) x

LILY-SAGE said...

Thank you for the sweet comment :)
i love your blog to. its so dreamy, and i think it would be wonderful to be a fairy!! infact i think i leave a trail of glitter where ever i go because i love to sprinkle myself with sparkly shimmer haha


Erimentha said...

your writing style is lovely! but, please remember, you're already a fairy in your heart.
xx you make me crave cupcakes.


shilvia said...

LOVE, no actually more like obsessed with cupcakes!!!