Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I wish..

I wish upon a star and some fairy dust
to have a pair of wings. or maybe some beautiful paper cranes.
Oh my the adventures I would have are just positively endless. I would go past the clouds and fly East until I see the big gate. & to you know whats behind that big gate? Everything you dream you could possibly dream of.
The name of this place is called your Imagination.

School is almost over. The end of a sad fairy tale friendship for me. Because one of the seniors was my friend and sadly she will no longer around. But it is a fairy tale I shall keep for forever and beyond.
Though exciting news is that I now get to watch all the kids in the mornings and afternoon since I will no longer be running by the school time. I absolutely delightedly happy and positively over the moon with joy.

1 comment:

the tea drinking english rose said...

we have wings i am so sure of.
but do remember we do not need wings to fly... peter will teach us. like he did wendy, peter and micheal.

sugar would have definitely suited her. i am too fussy with names. but finally have one.