Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sprinkle with fairy dust....

Last night I decided to make a resolution to stop wishing I was a little kid. So last night before I went to bed I read 6 childrens books. I know when I was little I probably read about only 1 or 2, but I'm am a little bit older then 8 and I do need a good reading source. I also rekindled my love of pink milk and dolls. But unlike when I was little, I'm going to make sure I don't go overboard.

But one thing that didn't need rekindling was my love of fairies. As you all know my head is often with the fairies. Oh wait there is another thing that didn't need rekindling was my love of kids shows. There something about kid shows that just draw you in like a good boook.

Oh I just had a brilliant idea. As a holiday project I'm going to make a scrapbook filled with things that would be in my world. From Pink glittery suns to sweet peas & fairies.

Sweet dreams & sweet peas. I hope that all you get a visit by the fairy dust fairy.


Rosie Posie said...

I too also need to stop wishig I was still little... but I dont think its going to happen!! :)
Sweet blog :)

hrose said...

don't we all? but sometimes it's just too much fun to be a little kid.
children's books are very fun though.

your project sounds very cute! can't wait to see it!