Thursday, January 29, 2009

Many sorries.

Im ever so ever sorry about the big.big breaks. But I do in fact have some delightfully,cupcake smiley news. I'm getting a cat tomorrow. She is orange & white, also according to her old owner she is ever shy & loving. So I'm flying over the moons & back with delight.

It has been pouring and pouring for ever so long, & just a tinge to long lately. So no magical & exciting exploring for me. Also our computer has been ever so ill, one of the many reasons I could not come on. It also meant I could enjoy your delightful blogs. But alas I'm back & the computer is all better.

On one of my many adventures across the web, I stumbled across some most happy pictures.

Every where in my garden there have been many roses opening. Aren't roses just absolutely beatuiful & elegant. Even when their petals are a little dead. They carry themselves with grace. If that make sense at all, I'm not sure.


Erimentha said...

glad to hear your back honey!

i too am very excited to hear of your new cat. what are you going to call it?

much love,

Erimentha said...

thinking of you and praying for your little cat.

much love,
erimentha ♥