Thursday, February 19, 2009

B I G BIG smiles.

Autumn is almost here, I'm very very excited, the fairies are already planning the mid Autumn feast. Which just so happens to be on smack bang on my birthday. Aren't they sweet darlings. But before then my Mamma will turn another year.

But even before that I'm very happy about the award I have recieved. It is from a special fairy who goes by the blog of

I would like to pass it on to.

A beautiful soul, that has been most kindest person ever.

2. Rosie.
One of the most gorgeous.wondefullest people & bloggers.

3. Drifter and the Gypsy.
This blog was actually the inspiration for my last blog. So I thought I would give her some credit.

The past few days of been a whirl of excitement & beesiness. Also discovering I have grown. I'm now towering of the fairies, but luckily they are still bold & ever so cheeky. But for all those who are by now might thinking, aren't fairies ever so small, you are quite wrong they are quite taller. They just shrink when they are around strangers. They actually come about to my knees.

Thinking of fairies I have been craving Peach Blossoms as of late. For those who don't know what one is, it is a round little lamington, but instead of chocolate it is strawberry & in the middle is a little squidge of cream. But eaten with a nice glass of pink milk. Thinking of peach blossoms, make me think of the tree. Is it not beautiful.

Talking of Peach Blossoms, I also really been wanting strawberry jam and toast. But alas we have run out, so I have to wait.

all images are from We Heart It.


Rosie Posie said...

hello sweethearted ittle fairy,

ooooh thank you ever so ever so much!!! you really are so very lovely indeed :)

i cannot believe the amount of posts full of onder i have missed since i have been away being a busy little bee, they are all so beautiful with such lovly pitures and delicate litle words and thoughts.

i now wish fr soe pink milk. i may go make some now!!

take care lovely little one

Georgie said...

You are a fairy indeed.

Tina said...

gorgeous images, how sweet & pretty are those heart biscuits? almost too cute to eat! :)

Demi said...

pretty photos!
and congrats on the award, honey :)


Demi said...

thank you honey :)


Erimentha said...

thank you so much!!!!!!!

you make me smile and laugh and giggle and think of beautiful fairies and wishes and trees.