Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tiddle dee, Tiddle dum

Much joy everyone, I discovered a paddington book yesterday in my library. I did feel a teensy bit silly borrowing out, as I'm a fairly good reader. But my silliness was replaced with absolute delight as soon as I started reading. I only read one story, as I was reading another book at the time. But now that I have finished the other book, I can't wait to get tucked right into it.

My sweet tooth has gone into absolute over-drive, I can't stop craving sweets.In particuliar raspberry jellies, milk bottles, musk sticks and strawberries & creams. Oh pink lamingtons. Lucky for my poor teeth, our house is empty of such things & my pockets have no spare pennies. Though I did get a hold of some Strawberry Jam. Which I have enjoyed rather gleefully on toast. Breakfast is just not the same with out it.


Georgie said...

Paddington! Oh, such a joy to read (especially parts about his marmalade sandwiches.)

Avery said...

I am like you, I think. I absolutely cannot stop going onto websites like Flickr and weheartit and typing in words like 'cake', 'dessert', or 'sprinkles' and looking for a very long while at the pictures.

Oh, and your blog is lovely!!

ed said...