Sunday, February 8, 2009

Butterfly kisses & fairy tales.

'Just living is not enough,'
Said the butterfly,
One must have
s u n s h i n e,
& a little

Hans Christian Anderson.

I fell in love completely when I read that, in one of my Mum's old magazines. So I though I would share it with you. I remember when they actually made a kids show about all the Hans Christian Anderson tales. My favourite was about the dancing flowers, but I also loved the one of the poor man, who had no care for money. Actually I think I loved all of them. Which reminds me, the next time I'm in the library I'm going to check out a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale book. If there is such a thing, I hope there is.

Aren't fairy tales so magical, they are so delightful. Because they are simple yet they hold the biggest of messages. I hope that one day that I too can be like all the magical writers, & one day write a story like theirs. Except maybe a tiny bit longer.

I recently stumbled across a new blog, & I must say, you should visit. It is one of the most beautifullest blogs. Not that there are not others out there, of course there is. But it is one I decided to talk about, because it honestly just had me enchanted. Just like a fairy tale.


in company with sparkles said...

Hans Christian Anderson truly is a master of storytelling. There is an old (Danny Kaye perhaps?) movie about him - it's very strange but nice!
I hope you may write like him someday too :)

Purple Butterflies said...

I do love a good fairy tales and I love writing them as well. I hope you decide to join me one day!

DW Golden
Soar with Fairies in a new young adult novel: Purple Butterflies

in company with sparkles said...

Indeed there is really weird I warn you, but there's a ballet dancer in it.
Thank you my dear! I wish I could send you a macaron. I'm going to attempt pink ones next.

love, cait

Pearls and Peonies said...

Such a lovely quote. Thank you for sharing it! :)

Claire said...

That is such a beautiful poem! I have written it in the inspiration/quotations part of my mini Moleskine :)

disa said...