Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I decided to give out an award, one that I have made myself.
Along with this award you have to answer the following questions.

What inspires you?
How do you define beauty?
Who do you know who you think has the most wisdom?
Who is the most kindest?
If you were a fairy, what kind of fairy would you be?

You must answer all the questions.
and you must pass this one to a LEAST one person.

I have decided to give it to four people.

for Beauty I pass it on to,

for Kindness I give it to,
Evil Lizard.

for fairy-ness number one I hand it to,
Miss Thumbelina.

fairy-ness number two is,

I could not pick one for wisdom, as there you all so very wise.

P.S Is there anyone who can help me with the link box, just a list of instructions would be nice.


Evil Lizard said...

thank you
thank You
thank YOu
thank YOU

Eri said...

From one raspberry to another - hello sweetheart! Was just over at The Tea Drinking English Rose wishing Charlotte a happy birthday, when I noticed your raspberry flavoured name. So I thought I'd pay a visit. Pleased to meet you! And what a pretty blog. Feel free to pop in for tea at raspberryapples.blogspot.com

zhi hui said...

i LOVE your owl picture, i stole it :)
you have a really nice blog, i love the header picture. and all the pictures in your blog are really cute!
zhi hui x