Saturday, April 4, 2009

Counting on the calender.

It is now only 2 weeks until, the Autumn Ball, aka my birthday. I will turn a number of 5 (a number that equals five). For once both my mind and age will linked, as most of the time I'm off in dream world.

It is not much longer till we are blessed with the lovely holiday, Easter. But alas I don't think I will be participating much, as my teeth are giving me rather a lot of pain. Hehe. I think I have had one to many bowls of ice cream.

I really must say sorry for the long long gaps between each blog, I have been busy, with school and personal issues, I have also been lacking inspiration and ideas. Rather scary for me as I'm usually brimming with them.

That is why I have been looking a endless amount of blogs, there is just so much beauty out there, so much creativity. Just endless wonder.

I have been rediscovering many songs recently. Such as;
Breathe, by Anna Nalick.
My Immortal, by Evanescence.
The Fear, by Lily Allen.
My hands, by Jewel.

I have finally figuired out (a late) 2 New Years Resolution. But I think I will make it a Birthday change. I will just start it a bit earlier.
1. To be more healthy.
2. To live MY story book life. To live every moment, to make people wish they had my life, as I do to most books I read. I'm going to forget perfection. Life is not perfect. It is one long curvy road, with bumbs and straight bits, I will no longer have regrets, because with out those mistakes, I would not be me. I hope to live every day looking for laughter, love and adventure and most of all beauty.

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Evil Lizard said...

^___^ I hope you have a great birthday xD I just had mine two days ago and am actually suffering from too much cake and too much ice cream xD