Saturday, August 1, 2009


I hope you can all forgive me. But I have been incredibly busy, with school and many other delightful things.

As you can see I have recieved a blog award. It was given to me by the lovely Wonderlander.

For this certain award you have to list then say 7 interesting things about yourself. So here it is.

1. I completely and utterly adore photography. It is a world I never want to leave.
2. I have an odd obsession with marshmallows.
3. I have many nicknames even one called Bah. My friend is Boo and together we make BooBah.
4. There is a nice old Ghost in my house.
5. I often see myself as a pixie as I'm often cheeky.
6. Just recently I recieved 1st place in a poetry competition.
7. I love love helping others. It makes me feel good inside.

I would tag 7 people but as my computer is playing up I cannot do the link things, so I will leave that to a later time. Hopefully no longer then tomorrow.

I found the cutest new song. It is called Coin Laundry and it by a lovely Aussie who goes by the name of Lisa Mitchell.

I also found two very sweet qoutes.

A friend is someone who has seen all your flaws but still still loves the view anyway
and the other one is.
A friend is someone who still likes your a good egg despite all the cracks.

Sorry about this incredibly short post. Much love to all. I hope you have a lovely August and that it is filled with many surprises.

1 comment:

Athena. said...

Aw, great post :)
And woo, Lisa Mitchell!
It's funny, because she was actually found through Australian Idol,
(she didn't win, but she was one of my favourites)
well, I find that funny, anyway.
And now she's worldwide, which is, wow.
She's lovely :)