Wednesday, November 4, 2009

this world of ours.

The trees reaching up higher, further away
Stars in the sky twinkle, and give winks to strangers
A boy laughs, his eyes crinkle with joy
Determined people walking past, ignorant

Butterflies twirl and dance, ready for a show
Flowers sway in the wind to music only they can hear
Little girls dance and sing to their favourite songs.
Litter fills gutters, polluting our streets and minds

Shadows everywhere, sounding out messages
Moths play, racing from shadow to shadow
The wind blows around, whispering secrets only babies can hear
Families at home, separated and apart, no one combined.

A girl listens to music, hoping someone would notice
Young boy is dreaming of girl, hoping she would notice
Cupid trying to bring love and hope to an ignorant world
School comes and words are once again never spoken

Honesty gone, lies began
This world polluted, filled with hate and war
Love and peace have hidden, crying in fear
Beauty tries to shine through, failing everytime

This world of ours, needs a change.

1 comment:

Lizard said...

Lovely prose/poem

I hope you are feeling better =)