Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm not sure if I should delete this blog or not, I haven't been inspired lately and I feel like I;m letting the readers down...let me know your thoughts.

x Felicity.


Lizard said...

=( No you should not delete this blog even if you post less frequently!!

I've been pretty uninspired lately as well (exam season), but one day that inspiration will come back xD

I love reading your blog so I hope you keep it :3

Kiki said...

Oh no dear, I would hate to see your delete this blog! Don't force yourself to come up with creative posts if you aren't enjoying it. Everyone has times when they just don't feel inspired. Take a break as long as your need and I'm sure you'll imagine up a few little post ideas!

Take care x

Loni said...

do not :]

Tazza said...

dont delete it! you love this blog and so do other people. xoxo