Wednesday, December 9, 2009


sum.mer (noun)
a period of greatest happiness, success, or fulfillment in the life of somebody or something

a time filled with festivals beaches, friends, fun, heat, ice-cream, bikinis, shorts and summer romance.


Lizard said...

AHHH summer...I think the best thing school xD Gives you more time to daydream and do stuff you've been meaning to ^__^

It's so cold here! The wind won't stop wailing, so I've barricaded my dorm room with plenty of blankets and tea.

Hope you are well :D

Cherry Diva said...

I ♥ summer. Warm weather, happy people, raspberry cordial to sip at the beach...ahh, bliss.

I have just found your blog recently through 'Just the Right Shade of Pink'. Wow, I LOVE it! Your photos are GORGEOUS and all your posts are extremely inspiring. I love the music. Have you heard of Natalie Imbruglia? She's a lovely Aussie singer. I love her songs 'Shiver' and 'Come September'.

Keep dreaming,

Erimentha said...


thats what summer is.

great pics and lovely definitions!

hope your summer is rockin'!


Seli said...

tag, your it